Office On Space

DateMarch 2014
Location turkey, istanbul
Client mr naraghi
Category office

modern luxury in a global perspectiveWe are glad to present our new design project – a commercial interior consisting based on SS STUDIO aesthetics, business interior design canons and the most recent trends. Safety, comfort and refined look are three pillars that have eventually become the basic principles of both exterior and interior design. It is worth saying that a project receives greater value if the architectural style is gracefully represented in the interior design. The concept of discreet luxury, aristocratic solemnity, laconic shades, expressive materials, beauty and durability of natural stone has found its unique interpretation in our design. As we have a lot of experience working with the most famous premium-class residential complexes in different cities, we always listen to our client and adapt the unique interior to the location’s peculiarities.

Our Solutions

Every person has an ideal place in mind where they can achieve new goals, and a comfortable personalized interior will only contribute to their realization. The interior design process is quite similar to the creation of an art piece, as it serves as a reflection of a unique underlying idea. Every little detail matters. Along with the aesthetic visual component, the priority task of any design project is functionality. This interior is not overloaded with decorative elements, since the priority of public spaces will always be free traffic and comfortable accommodation.

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